CBT/REBT is a highly effective, clinically proven treatment for a broad range of mental health and psychological disorders. A collaborative process between client and therapist teaches you the skills to re-frame your thinking and behavior in order to move past the problems and negative emotions you’re experiencing.


I can offer you a short term, effective treatment for stress, anxiety, depression, low self-acceptance, loss and many other conditions that trouble the modern world.


Get it touch and book an appointment today. I offer 50 min face to face therapy as well as Skype therapy that integrates different approaches (Mindfulness, DBT, ACT, EMDR and more) that will help tailor the therapy to the unique needs of each client.


Cognitive behavioral therapy is a ‘talking therapy’, and is extremely effective not only for overcoming your unique and specific challenges, but also for preventing relapse – a short-term treatment for long-term gain.

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