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My Approach

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy with integration of other approaches, is a form of psychotherapy that helps you identify self-defeating thoughts and feelings, challenge the rationality of those cognitions and  emotions as well as replace them with healthier, more productive beliefs. 

EMDR Therapy (Trauma Therapy)

In EMDR therapy I use bilateral stimulation to help clients process difficult memories, emotions and beliefs about themselves. EMDR is an amazing and gentle way to process trauma and difficult emotions, help regulate nervous system and change an outlook at self and the future.

In Practice

I can help you with negative emotions such as anxietydepression, PTSD and low self acceptance.  I will teach you how to overcome stressful and unhealthy behaviours, such as aggression, avoidance and procrastination that get in the way of your quality of life and reaching your goals.

What to Expect

To help you manage and overcome difficulties and reach life goals, I will work with you to identify the beliefs and rigid thought patterns that are holding you hostage. I will help you see how unhelpful these thoughts are. Through a variety of mental exercises, you will then learn how to reduce your negative thoughts and responses, and replace them with healthier, more constructive and self-accepting thoughts. I make use of a variety of methods and tools, including positive visualization, reframing of thinking, and the use of self-help books and audio-visual guides, as well as assigned homework for reinforcement between sessions.


I work with couples that may struggle with constructive communication, lost passion or love, infidelity, fertility issues and everyday problems. I will help you both to learn appropriate, respectful language towards each other, problem solving tools, understand each others love languages and needs in the relationship. 

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